Promote Sustainability of Business

Golden Land Berhad is a responsible corporate citizen that strives to conduct its business in a sustainable manner whilst taking care of the interest of the stakeholders. We recognize the importance of good environmental practices and make every effort to ensure that economic and social developments are in harmony with the environment.

The Company is committed to conduct our businesses in the ways that are consistent with our established 5 Core Values through Team Operating Principals:-

  1. Growth Continuity

    We will strive with our utmost effort and initiative for a sustainable and consistent progress through maximizing the utilization of resources.

    We will strive to develop our people’s competency, capability and knowledge to attain corporate goal.

  2. Real Commitment

    We will be accountable and responsible for all activities performed. We will give our best to achieve the best.

  3. Efficient and Effective

    We will strive to continuously improve what we are doing to accomplish our mission. We will provide the best result in a timely manner.

  4. Act With Integrity

    We will conduct ourselves professionally and ethically with sincerity, honesty and discipline.

  5. Teamwork

    We will act with positive attitudes towards each other to create togetherness.

    We will achieve team synergy through respect, trust, care for each other and focus our energy to accomplish our common goals.

Focus areas of our sustainable strategy


The Group continues to implement good environmental practices in tandem with the carrying out their daily operations. The Group works towards this through the following efforts:

We expose our employees in the protection of the environment and encourage them to meet high sustainability standards. We also continue to minimize the impact in the office environment by reducing consumption of energy, water and paper.


Our personnel are the main driving force behind our growth and operational success. The Company continues to develop on the foundation of strong leadership, spirit as well as a culture of hard work, passion and perseverance. These core values are enhanced with both formal and on the job training to ensure that all employees are equipped with the right set of skills and competencies.

The Company recognizes that to achieve higher level of productivity, it is crucial that the living conditions on the plantations are adequate and appropriate. The Company provides comfortable housing infrastructure and provision of amenities with clean running water and electricity supply.

The Group is committed to provide equal opportunities to all job applicants and employees with equal treatment regardless of race, ethnic, religion, gender, marital status or age.

Yearly event such as Annual Dinner and various outdoor activities were held to promote employees togetherness and foster stronger relationship within the Company.


The emphasis on quality, safety and health remains a key priority of the Group. It is the policy of the Company to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and protect others who may be affected by its activities. The Company's safety and health programmes include providing training through demonstration and talks amongst all employees in order to raise awareness on safety and health issues.

The Group employs a qualified Safety Officer to carry out periodical audits, advisories and trainings on safety and health practices in all operating units. All employees involved in works with potential hazards, such as sprayers and mill operators are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment.


As a responsible corporate citizen, the Group provided donations/sponsorships to school, education care programmes, charitable organization and local communities throughout the financial year.

The contribution can be in the form of cash or in-kind and being budgeted an allocation sum for this purpose every year.

Golden Land Berhad Occupational Health And Safety Policy

It is the policy of GOLDEN LAND BERHAD to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and protect others who may be affected by its activities.

The management and staff of GOLDEN LAND BERHAD will work together to achieve the aims and objectives of this policy through discussion, negotiation and cooperation.
Specifically, GOLDEN LAND BERHAD policy comprises the following objectives:

GOLDEN LAND BERHAD is definite that safety and health must be an integral part of its daily activities, and that the proper practice of safe and healthy working procedures would be the main factor in achieving the success of our mission.